Starpeer Incident - Issues with Inbound calls Wednesday 26th June 2024 13:00:00

This afternoon we started to receive some reports from customers of some calls not coming through. The team at VanBelkum has begun to investigate these reports.

We have worked with our carrier and they have worked with there upstream providers and the call completion issue has been corrected. We have tested a number of calls and everything is working as expected. Thank you for being so patient.

Our carrier has been working and testing with there upstream providers. The upstream providers has escalated this issue to there Tier 2 team

Thank you to those who have provided us with call examples. We have summited these to our carrier and they are investigating. At this time the VanBelkum team continues to test from their cell phones and we have not been able to reproduce an issue since late this afternoon. Thank you for your continued patience as we investigate this issue.

6/26 3 pm - From our testing, we narrowed the issues down to Cell Phone callers having inconsistent call completions. We are working with our carrier to investigate

6/26 430 pm - Our carrier has identified an upstream carrier having issues resulting in the call completion issues.

6/26 7 pm - We received word that the call completion issues were resolved.

6/27 9 am - The VanBelkum team has been testing calls all morning to different customers from ATT/Verizon/T-Mobile/VoIP. Our testing this morning has had promising results, but the issue at this time has not been 100% resolved. We are still working with the carrier at this time.